Most Active ETF in Switzerland 04.01.2021 – iSh Core SPI, iSh CH GovBd, iSh SMI, ZKB Silver, UBSETF SPI CHF, ZKB Gold

The largest CHF ETF turnover on 04.01.2021 was in: ISIN ValorSymbol ShortName CHF Turnover CH0237935652 CHSPI iSh Core SPI (CH) CHF Dis 13’261’685 CH0016999861 CSBGC0 iSh CH GovBd 7-15 (CH) CHF Dis 9’165’961 CH0008899764 CSSMI iSh SMI (CH) CHF Dis 8’839’497 CH0183135976 ZSIL ZKB Silver ETF – A (CHF) 7’645’904 CH0131872431 SPICHA UBSETF SPI CHF DIS 7’494’543 CH0019852802 CSSMIM iSh SMIM (CH) CHF Dis 7’182’062 CH0139101593 ZGLD ZKB GOLD ETF…

Most Active CHF ETF in Switzerland 30.12.2020 – UBS SXI RE Funds, ZKB Gold, ZKB Silver, UBS Gold, Lyxor MSCI World, Vanguard All World

The largest ETF turnover in CHF, on exchange, on 30.12.2020 was in: UBSETF SXI RE FUNDS CHF DIS, ZKB GOLD ETF, Vanguard All World ETF Dist, Lyxor MSCI WORLD, ZKB Silver ETF – A (CHF), UBSETF GOLD H-CHF DIS, UBSETF SMI CHF DIS, CHSPI iSh Core SPI (CH) CHF Dis Most Active USD ETF on 30.12.2020 Questions or feedback? Feel free to write me at or add a comment.