ISBNTools Practical Example Use Case – Open Access to Database with ISBN (books, etc.)

Step 1: Transfering or importing your ISBN into a .csv file

I used OpenOffice Calc. Then saved the file as .csv with UTF-8, Delimiter “,”.

Step 2: Importing the libraries

Step 3: Testing

whether the ISBN list from our .csv is correctly imported into dataframe. Especially the delimiter can be tricky, i.e. “;”, “,” or “\t”.

Step 4: The actual working code

including a async sleep(1) = 1 second sleeping function. This uses service ‘wiki’, as I found it to be easiest to use.

Step 5: Checking resulting .csv file.

As you can see all the titles and authors were found. However some publishers and year of publication were not available.

See also this post for more on ISBNTools

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