Mortgage Rates in Switzerland Accelerating Up

According to the chart below, published by today, mortgage rates are spiking upwards. In the last 6 months the rates for 10-year mortgages in Switzerland have moved up 0,5%. The pace has been accelerating in the past 2 months which saw 0,3% or 60% of the 6 month move. If the pace continues, rates could be at 4% by end 2014, beginning 2015 (also check 2nd chart).

Anecdotal evidence I’ve seen suggest that many high-end properties and large appartements have seen interest fall since spring.  Villas with asking prices 50% above fair value estimates aren’t being scooped up the way they were in 2012.


To give some more perspective here’s the longer term chart:


Elsewhere at the same time:

Marketwatch reports: U.S. sales of new homes rose 2.1% in May, the fastest rate since mid-2008, and the Case-Shiller April home-price index jumped 2.5% in April, the largest monthly growth on record.


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