Most Active ETF in Switzerland 16.07.2021 – UBSETF Gold, iShares SPI, iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond, iShares Global Corporate, iShares S&P500, Invesco EQQQ, iShares MSCI USA SmC

TOP FIVE: The largest CHF ETF turnover on 16.07.2021 was in: [‘UBSETF GOLD USD DIS’, ‘iSh Core SPI (CH) CHF Dis’, ‘iSh Glob HY CorpBnd CHF-H Dis’, ‘iSh Glb Corp CHF-H (Acc)’, ‘iSh SMIM (CH) CHF Dis’]

TOP FIVE: The largest USD ETF turnover on 16.07.2021 was in: [‘iSh Core S&P500 USD Acc’, ‘Invesco EQQQ’, ‘iSh MSCI USA SmC USD Acc’, ‘ZKB GOLD ETF (USD)’, ‘iSh Nasdaq 100 USD Acc’]

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