January 2019

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Gatwick Drones and the Impact on Airport Security Spending and Companies like DroneShield

Today DroneShield, an Australian company published the following comments: DroneShield’s cash receipts for the first three weeks of January 2019 were A$728,628. In other words, following the Gatwick events, in the first three weeks of the 2019 calendar year, DroneShield received approximately 50% more in cash than it did during the entire previous quarter. DroneShield believes that, due to the events at the Gatwick Airport in the UK, December was…

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Analyzing Data: 1) Importing Lists from a txt file with Python, 2) counting list items, list elements, 3) selecting certain item from list

The lines below are from a beginners test I did with Python. Python is a programming language that is popular with the financial community, and important for certain data analysts.*** start ****# import only needed for firstimport csv# print each line of a text file, separated by commaswith open(“C:\\Documents\\cars.txt”, newline=”) as cars: results = list(csv.reader(cars))print(“List of items in cars.txt: “, results)print(“This is the number of list elements:”, len(results))print(“This is the…