December 2013

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Increasing Equity/Capital at Swiss Banks and the Influence on the Economy

According to the theory in economics regarding the ways the central bank (in this case the SNB) can influence lending of commercial banks to the private sector one comes across the practice of changing the required reserve ratio (RRR). The higher the RRR, the less commercial banks will lend to the private sector. Countries that have been using the RRR as their main monetary policy tool recently are China, India…

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PC vs Tablet vs Network PC vs Smartphone Sales

Came across the numbers of past sales (2009-2012) and estimated sales (2013-2014) for the four segments PC, Tablet, Network PC and Smartphones. To get a clearer visual I compiled them in a graph (above). Looking at the absolute numbers for PC sales shows in the grand scheme of things, they are holding up. Network PC sales are still increasing, allbeit from low absolute levels (high single digit – to estimated…