Low interest rates = high multiples being applied to share prices = bad for long term investing

Today from “Margin of Safety” book by Seth Klarmann, I would like to point out this paragraph: “At times when interest rates are unusually low, however, investors are likely to find very high multiples being applied to share prices. Investors who pay these high multiples are dependent on interest rates remaining low, but no one can be certain that they will. This means that when interest rates are unusually low,…

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Why certain equities can be lower a risk proposition than certain bonds

Seth Klarman: “A common mistake institutional investors make is to allocate their assets into overly narrow categories. The portion of a portfolio that is targeted for equity investments, for example, cannot typically own bonds of bankrupt companies. Money assigned to junk-bond managers will be invested in junk bonds and nothing else, even when attractive opportunities are lacking. A municipal-bond portfolio will not usually be allowed to own taxable debt instruments….

Value investing vs speculation – from Margin of Safety book by Seth Klarman – relevant for buyers of Bitcoins, Ripple and any other highly speculative offerings which are based on circular reasoning

In the book “Margin of Safety” the following paragraphs can be found: The greedy tendency to want to own anything that has recently been rising in price lures many people into purchasing speculations. Stocks and bonds go up and down in price, as do Monets and Mickey MantIe rookie cards, but there should be no confusion as to which are the true investments. Collectibles, such as art, antiques, rare coins,…