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Hyperinflation Bubble Pre-Lude

Hyperinflation becoming increasingly probable outcome of central bank policy

The warning signs are increasing that the current central bank policy is unsustainable. The big question is how do you protect yourself from hyperinflation and current central bank policies. Which are the junk central banks, which the junk currencies and how do you know which countries central banks are setting themselves up for hyperinflation? Feel free to comment! This opinion piece from the South China Morning Post has some great…

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Deja Vu with Brexit – Standard Life Fund Freeze – Pre Bear Stearns Moment – the Lehman Moment can still come

If you like working through the worst case scenario it would probably be sensible to consider the Brexit Vote the beginning of problems to come. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/funds/standard-lifes-29bn-commercial-property-fund-halts-trading-as-wi/   (Telegraph Group Business Editor James Quinn is doing a great job of reporting effects of Brexit!) Trading in a £2.9bn commercial property portfolio managed by Standard Life Investments has been halted after a flood of withdrawals exhausted the fund’s cash reserves. Standard Life said…

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(Partially) Hedging a Portfolio with Futures or Options to reduce Volatility and to a lesser extent Return

After having gone short futures for a client portfolio recently, I needed to explain what effect such a tactical decision has on the portfolio in question to the clients beneficiaries. Below is a graphical representation of what happens when you hedge part of a portfolio (in a very specific example, this would need to be calculated for each portfolio that was being considered for a hedge). Firstly the expected volatility…

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Zenit Fund – Brummer & Partners – Long/Short Hedge Fund

Over 10 years ago this Brummer and Partners fund caught my eye, as it had a performance record that was over 300% at the time already. Now, by chance, I checked on it again. It has since trebled. This must be one of the most amazing franchises in the hedge fund sector at the current moment in time. And they are based in Stockholm. This could be an indication that location must…