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The ten most prominent modi operandi related to money laundering

All ten presented money laundering techniques rely on the use of intermediaries who use multiple bank accounts, exploit the financial market and financial service products such as loans, insurance, bonds, and stock market trading. Money launderers frequently set up and use shell companies that possess no significant assets and do not perform any significant operations, only serving the purpose of laundering funds. The shell companies used to send and receive…

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Short Interest in Transocean (Symbol/Ticker RIGN RIG)

One of the reasons Transocean is so volatile: Short Interest; currently over 10 days would be needed to cover the short interest in Transocean.    Another reason Transocean shares are so volatile: Oil Price This makes Transocean an interesting candidate for an investor looking for exposure to the oil price and a change in sentiment (based for example on Transoceans financing becoming more solid, capital increases out the way etc)….

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ECB Balance Sheet; Correlation of Gold Price and ETF Volume; Dividend Impact vs Price Return Graph

The two graphs below show nicely why the ECB was the odd one out in the recent central bank balance sheet expansion effort to inflate all problems away. The gold price and the boom of the ETF market for commodities simulataneously came to a climax. Many market participants now believe USD 1000 level will be tested which currently works out as a 20% drop. The chart of the dax –…

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The Importance of Russia

Two graphs that show how important Russia is for the commodities markets (Graph 1: example Oil Market; Russia #1) but also as a market for western (european) producers of machines, tech and so on (Graph 2: fall in exports to Russia from Germany; over EUR 4bn turnover less vs 2013 in 2014!).

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Crude Oil Graphs 2014 – Market Crude Prices; World Oil Supply; OPEC Crude Oil Supply, World Oil Demand

    Oil fell for a third month straight in September with Brent breaking through $90/bbl in October, on abundant supply, slowing demand growth and a strong US dollar. Brent prices have fallen by over 20% since June, when turmoil in Iraq lifted prices to $116/bbl, and were last at a near four-year low of $88.70/bbl. NYMEX WTI was at $85.20/bbl. The forecast of global oil demand for 2014 has been revised…