Single Factor Strategies

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Single Factor Strategies – Example Dividend Strategy Mandate

If a client wishes to entrust me with a Single Factor Strategy – Dividend mandate the first step would be to choose a current dividend yield and market(s) he would like to target. I would then analyse the current dividend yield, the historic dividend yield and then compile a portfolio, taking into account his investment horizon, diversification aspects, liquidity requirements and market cap. Periodic reviews would then follow, either at…

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Single Factor Strategies – Swiss Equity Mandates

Here’s a list of single factor strategies that I can implement for Swiss Equity mandates: Low Volatility High Beta Momentum Dividend Quality Note: certain of these strategies can or will lead to high turnover certain of these strategies should  be used in a complimentary fashion to an existing core portfolio by preference these strategies provide investors with passive, rule-based exposure while retaining the possibility to generate excess returns when compared…