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Gatwick Drones and the Impact on Airport Security Spending and Companies like DroneShield

Today DroneShield, an Australian company published the following comments: DroneShield’s cash receipts for the first three weeks of January 2019 were A$728,628. In other words, following the Gatwick events, in the first three weeks of the 2019 calendar year, DroneShield received approximately 50% more in cash than it did during the entire previous quarter. DroneShield believes that, due to the events at the Gatwick Airport in the UK, December was…

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SMI – no recession priced

Looking at the above chart and comparing the current move to what we saw in 2008 and 2009 I believe the reaction so far is much too weak to signal a bottom. It’s more likely to be a drawn out process of sideways without negative news, then down on actual impact of heavy handed EU reactions. Should the EU make Britain a good deal, then we’re off to the races…

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US – Ukraine Arms Deals Pipeline

The US Motto: Let me wet my beak I suppose if you’re interested in selling lots of expensive military equipment to the Ukraine (well at least the west of the Ukraine) to defend against a Russian Aggressor in the future, then you should start preparing the terrain by drawing up a list of people they don’t like and try and in turn make their life more difficult. Maybe the new…