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IPO Strategies: Example US IPO Market January to November 2013

This data was compiled from 193 US IPOs in 2013. This graph shows how the risk of losses rises for a strategy of buying IPOs on the close of the first day of trading and holding them (green, let’s call it ‘Strategy B’). It also shows how being allocated shares in new issues prior to trading and selling on market close of the first trading day is a much lower…

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US IPO Market 2013 – Performance & Deals (Size) YTD

The following two charts show the performance of the newly issued/listed US shares in 2013 YTD aswell as the size of issues being placed. Note the performance is calculated on the assumption you were allocated shares at issue price and sold on close of the first day of trading. A total of 193 issuers placed shares. Left to right = November to January (2013). So the latest action is on…