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money into equities in the building phase and then live on the result

A very wise comment and a view which my experience has shown to apply to a majority of non-insider traders:

I divide the word of investors into two camps: ‘traders’ and ‘investors’. The latter put their money into equities in the building phase and then live on the result. The latter leaves their money in play on multi-decade time scales. A trader is anyone else.
The investor bases their hope for success on the observation that in the past the equity market, on decade time scales, has out performed all other investments. For an investor, fire and forget is the best option. They really only need to know two things: expenses will kill you and buy risk (e.g. small caps) until you are within ten years of retirement. At that point if they aren’t comfortable sit down with a counselor who isn’t a broker, and stratify the nest egg into appropriate risk layers. Too little risk is as bad as too much – especially given that the post retirement life expectancy of around three decades.
Unfortunately this isn’t what is being sold either in the press or by the brokers. Company 401k programs often suffer from being loaded with dogs which the contracting provider wants to herd people into.

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Emerging Markets Junk Bonds – Traded in Switzerland

If an investor is looking for exposure to volatile junk bonds:

Emerging Market Junk Bonds @ Discount Feb 18th
Ticker Valorennummer ISIN Issuer Bid Ask
ABL121 19954130 CH0199541308 African Bank Limited 65.00
VTB13 22674774 CH0226747746 VTB Bank 80.00 80.70
VTB14 248531110 CH0248531110 VTB Bank 69.30 69.50
GPB14 22931809 CH0229318099 Gazprom Bank 68.55 69.50
RZD13 20581943 CH0205819433 Russian Railways 80.25 80.75
SBE13 204477274 CH0204477274 Sberbank of Russia 88.8 90.75

.They are all traded on the Swiss Exchange SIX

Swiss Dividend Stocks – Large Cap; Holdings

The equities listed are among favorites for investors looking to invest in large cap dividend stocks in Switzerland. I personally prefer selecting equities from the Swiss Small Cap universe. There are some companies that are traded with a discount to their dividend value I use for client portfolios. Contact me via the company website form or post for a list.

Example from the ishares Swiss Dividend Fund (CHDVD)

Dividend Basket
Company %
Nestle 15.75
Novartis 15.69
Roche 13.60
ABB 12.66
Syngenta 7.74
Swisscom 6.61
Adecco 5.52
Givaudan 5.46
Geberit 3.71
SGS 3.29

12 Million Euros in real estate backed public European Securities we would like to offer to a Broker at a discount

Today in the mail from Hong Kong a criminal attempt at fraud:

We have 12 Million Euros in real estate backed public European Securities, which we would like to offer to a Broker at a discount. If interested please call or Email
Kind Regards,

23 Unirii Bldv., BI. 13, Sc. 1, Et 6, Ap. 16, District 4, Zip Code 040103, Bucharest, Romania +1(852) 81925101

+1 852 81925101